America Ferrera To Host Event To Help Hillary Clinton Retire Campaign Debt

Ugly Betty star America Ferrera has agreed to host a special conversation with former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on December 15th at Manhattan Center Studios in New York City. Former President Bill Clinton will be a special guest at the event, which was organized to help the former first lady reduce her campaign debt.

According to her campaign's latest Federal Election Commission report, Clinton is still nearly 7.5 million dollars in debt to various consultants and vendors. Hillary is racing to get it disposed of before her new appointment makes it impossible. A federal law prevents Senator Clinton from being personally involved in raising funds once she takes office as Secretary of State.

America Ferrera first became active in Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign back in January, vocally endorsing the female Presidential candidate and traveling to Nevada and Pennsylvania to campaign on her behalf. She and best gal pal Amber Tamblyn even assumed active roles as the national co-chairs of HillBlazers, the youth outreach program started by Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.