Alarming Escalation of Violence in Mexico

30 people died over just a 48-hour period this week in Mexico. The victims included 12 police officers whose bodies were discarded along a road and found on Tuesday in Michoacan. The bodies of 11 men and one female, who had been investigating drug related crimes in the area, were identified yesterday as police. Police spokesman Monte Alejandro Rubido said the bodies were piled on top of each other and displayed signs of torture.

Ironically enough, Mexican president Felipe Calderon is from Michoacan, a state that has seen a radical uptick in drug related violence in recent months. Since Calderon launched his offensive against the cartels in 2006 and deployed 36,000 soldiers, more than 10,000 people have died, including 1,000 police officers.

Hector Ariel Meixueiro, mayor of the city of Namiquipa in the state of Chihuahua, was also murdered early Tuesday morning. He was shot multiple times after being attacked by 15 men armed with assault rifles. And in the country's crime capital, Ciudad Juarez, 11 other men were killed. La Familia Michoacana is suspected to be behind all of the crimes and Rubido said that Francisco Javier Frias Lara, known as "El Chivo," has been arrested in connection with the murders of the officers in Michoacan.