An Absolut Reconquista?

We happen to love the new advertisements by Swedish Vodka giant Absolut depicting a map of the United States and Mexico prior to the US-Mexico war of 1948, but apparently not everyone sees the humor in them. The controversial ad, which will only run in Mexico, states that the borders prior to the US-Mexican War would still be in place in an "Absolut world". Almost 500,000 square miles of land now known as California, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Arizona were ceded to the United States by Mexico through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, signed on February 2nd in 1848.

According to the LA Times, the advertising company responsible for coming up with the concept insists the purpose of the ad was to drum up nationalist sentiment and pride among Mexicans in an effort to raise the brand's reconition south of the border. They were not considering how the spot might be perceived in the US because the ad campaign was thought of with only Mexicans in mind. Some people have started a boycott of the vodka company here in the US in
response to what they see as offensive and divisive advertising.

We think the ad is really funny and appreciate the way the creators have tapped into Latino pride, forced us to crack open the history books and sparked a discussion. What do you think?

Update: A bunch of US citizens, supported by their belief that there is a "rapidly growing separatist movement in the United States that is being fueled by illegal immigration across our Southern Border with Mexico" (cue laughter here) launched a website In case you needed any more proof of the absolut insanity of people...