23 Mexican Police Officers Arrested for Corruption

The Mexican Army recently detained 23 municipal police officers in Tijuana, a border city, for suspicion that they are involved in organized crime.

The Attorney General said that the officers would be charged under the Federal Law Against Organized Crime, but would not provide specific details on the case. This latest round-up is the government’s most recent effort to purge Mexico's municipal and state police forces of members associated with the drug cartels currently waging war in the country.

The Mexican government has deployed over 45,000 soldiers to help federal police officers fight corruption within their police forces and quell the rise in organized crime related to the drug cartels. More than 700 murders occurred in the Tijuana area alone last year.

Many suspect that the violence in the immediate area is a result of the battle for power between notorious "enforcer" Teodoro “El Teo” Garcia Simental, and Fernando Sanchez Arellano, over the organization founded by his infamous uncles, the Arellano Felix brothers.

The suspects are going to be held for 40 days while prosecutors do more research and expand the investigation.