2010 Election Results: What They Mean for You

1. 2010 Election: Florida Senate

Who's Who: Republican Marco Rubio was up against Independent (formerly Republican) Charlie Crist and Democrat Kendrick Meek for a Florida Senate seat.

Who won: Cuban American politician Marco Rubio, a Tea Party favorite, won the race by a relative landslide. He was able to take advantage of the voters split between the more seasoned, moderate Republican Crist and the younger, left-leaning Meek.

What it means for us: Rubio believes that President Barack Obama's domestic spending and health care policies are terrible and has vowed to work to reverse the health care bill if elected to Senate. He is against repealing don't ask, don't tell and supports passage of an amendment against same-sex marriage. In terms of immigration, Rubio doesn't believe that undocumented immigrants should be counted in the 2010 census and opposes amnesty in any reform. Rubio has stated that Arizona's SB 1070 unfairly singled out certain citizens. 


2. 2010 Election: Colorado Governor

Who's who: Dan Maes won the Republican primary and immediately called on Tom Tancredo to drop out, but the former Republican congressman refused and ran on a Tea Party platform. The two men faced off against Democrat John Hickenlooper in the Colorado gubernatorial race.

Who won: John Hickenlooper is the winner of the race for the Governor of Colorado.

What it means for us: This former mayor championed homeless services, marijuana legalization and sustainable development practice while running the city of Denver, CO. He believes deeply in investing in the public school system through initiatives on accountability, standards and assessments and effective governance. Hickenlooper's economic policies revolve around job creation and recovery. Of immigration, the former mayor said, "We need a nonpartisan approach to solve this problem for the entire country and enforceable reform that doesn't abridge the basic freedom of our citizens."

3. 2010 Election: New Mexico Governor

Who's who: Mexican American Susana Martinez is running on the Republican ticket against outgoing Governor Bill Richardson's handpicked Democratic successor Diane Denish in New Mexico. If Martinez wins, she will be the first Latina governor in the history of the United States.

Who won: Susana Martinez is the projected winner, in the process making history.

What it means for us: Susana Martinez has a firm commitment to gun rights and is pro-life. She does not believe that big government should play a role in health care. Martinez wants to strengthen the New MexiKids healthcare programs. She wants to repeal the law that allows undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses and opposes providing illegal immigrants with funds for education through lottery scholarships.

4. 2010 Election: California Governor

Who's who: Republican gubernatorial candidate and former Ebay CEO Meg Whitman is facing Democratic nominee Jerry Brown in California.

Who won: Jerry Brown won the race for Governor of California.

What it means for us: Brown was already Governor in of the state of California from 1974-1982. During his time as Governor he was a fiscal conservative and has historically supported issues as environmentalism, conservation, and public education. Throughout his tenure as Attorney General he championed consumer protections. He wants to implement new renewable energy strategies and conserve California's farmland.

5. 2010 Election: Nevada Senate

Who's who: In what is arguably the most important and influential Senate race in the 2010 election, Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid is facing Republican Sharron Angle.

Who won: Senator Harry Reid managed to hang on to his senate seat, which is huge for the Democratic party.

What it means for us: For Latinos, what matters most is that we dodged a real bullet with the defeat of Sharron Angle. The Republican candidate ran a slew of ads depicting Latinos as criminals and freeloaders and told a group of high school students she didn't think they were Hispanic since they "all look Asian." Reid has held this senate seat since 1986, and his conservative Democratic stance is unlikely to change. Reid believes in restricting abortion rights. He passed a senate ethics bill in 2007 restricting what congressmen can accept from lobbyists. He voted in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act but against the Federal Marriage Amendment.

6. 2010 Election: Nevada Governor

Who's who: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's son Rory won the Democratic nomination for the governor of Nevada. He faces Latino Republican candidate Brian Sandoval, who is the former Nevada Attorney General.

Who won: Brian Sandoval won this race in a close-call, becoming the first Latino governor of Nevada.

What it means for us: Sandoval is a conservative, who stands opposed to allowing undocumented citizens to get driver's licenses and amnesty of any sort. He also opposed the Family Medical Leave act, which allows people to take workplace leaves when a member of their family is gravely ill. Sandoval believes in using a pay-for-performance scale for teacher salaries. He supports a lawsuit against the federal government regarding the federal healthcare legislation on the premise that it is violation of state's rights. Sandoval is a pro-choice. Although he voted for a tax increase in 2003 to help balance the state budget, he believes that any corporate income tax must be stopped.

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