13-Year-Old Kills Older Brother to Take Over Family Drug Dealing Business

7th grader Mykel Mendes is being accused by Massachusetts Police of masterminding a plot that left his 17-year-old brother Jordan dead. Authorities are saying that the murder was fueled by Mykel’s jealousy of Jordan, who, following the arrest of their father Manuel Mendes, was left to take over the lucrative family drug dealing business.

Manuel was first arrested when the boys were just 8 and 5 years old, and for almost 2 years managed to continue running his business from behind bars. In 2002, police caught on to his scheme and he was sentenced to an additional 35 years behind bars on federal drug trafficking charges. Police say Jordan inherited one of the biggest cocaine rings on Cape Cod and District Attorney Michael O'Keefe confirmed to the AP that the 17-year-old was a "significant drug dealer."

Jordan was found shot, stabbed 27 times and dumped into a pit, where his body was subsequently torched. Another 13-year-old friend of Mykel's and a 20-year-old cousin also are being charged with murder. But Mykel's lawyer, John Cunha, dismissed the charges against his client, "He loved his brother. He's not the 13-year-old Al Capone."

According to the police report, Mykel, his cousin, Robert Vacher, and friend Kevin Ribeiro stole $10,000 in cash from Jordan before killing him. Vacher shot Jordan, and then stabbed him repeatedly in the neck before rolling Jordan's body in a rug with Ribeiro’s assistance.

When Jordan did not come home from school Dec. 15, his mother, Paula Carberry, and other family members went to look for him. They found his body the next day in a pit less than a mile from their home, still burning.

Carberry said she always thought Mykel was jealous of Jordan, but cannot understand how he could kill his own brother, "What ever happened to my brother's keeper? You were supposed to be my brother's keeper, and he was yours."