Afro-Cuban Santeria Priests Predict Social Unrest

According to Afro-Cuban priests, a change is gonna come to the island this year. Santeria priests, also known as babalawos, have predicted social and political unrest, power struggles and treachery and have asked that aging leaders (here’s looking at you Fidel and Raul) give up their grip on the country and give the younger generation a chance.

“Times change,” said Victor Betancourt, a leading babalawo. “The older generation should pass their experience to young people because they are better prepared.”

The annual predictions were made after a secretive New Year’s Eve ritual of animal sacrifices in the outskirts of Havana. The religion, a mix of Catholicism and traditional African religions brought over by slaves, runs deep in a country where about a third of its people are of African descent. Few have had the guts to publicly demand such a change in Cuba.