New Year’s Resolutions: 10 Best iPhone and Android Apps

It's 2017 -- and we woke up an hour early, went to sunrise yoga, ate a healthy breakfast of Greek yogurt and bananas, and called our mother and grandmother before we got to work! Right? Right?

Okay, realistically, we make a lot of promises to ourselves at the beginning of any New Year: I'm going to work out more, spend less money, and cook every single day. It's just not possible to go from zero to hero in a day, but it is possible to make small, everyday changes to your routine that can have a big impact on your quality of life.

Take a cue from us: here are 10 realistic New Year's Resolutions...and the iPhone and Android apps that can help you achieve them!

1. #1 Stop Binge Watching Netflix

#1: Stop Binge Watching Netflix (with help from Goodreads) 
We get it: it’s hard to stop watching old episodes of Gossip Girl when Netflix makes it so easy to watch one after the other after the other. Instead, challenge yourself to read a certain number of books in 2018 with help from Goodreads. The app (and website) allow you to set a yearly goal for yourself, and helps you make lists of novels you’ve already read, want to read, and are currently reading. Best of all, Goodreads acknowledges that reading is actually a very social experience, and allows you to recommend books to your friends and receive suggestions in return. 

2. #2: Stop Spending All Your Money At The Bar

#2: Stop Spending All Your Money At The Bar (with help from iReconcile)
We all have our guilty pleasures -- the places where we drop far too much cash, whether it be your local watering hole, Starbucks, or at that J. Crew sample sale. For many, checking their bank account after a night out is worse than getting teeth pulled, so in 2018, aim to curb your spending with help from iReconcile. This powerful app allows you to set budgets for each of your spending categories, and best of all (or worst of all....), it allows you to see where your money is going with detailed profit and loss reports. You might reconsider buying that second round of shots for your friends when an app is showing you exactly what percentage of your income you’re blowing. 

3. #3: Meet New People

#3: Meet New People (with help from HowAboutWe)
Another Saturday night spent cuddling with your cat and watching TV? Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that...unless you secretly wish you were out meeting potential partners. If dating sites like scare you silly, try HowAboutWe. Instead of matching people based on pictures and brief blurbs, this app challenges people to find a  partner by posting a potential date idea -- such as hitting up the Metropolitan Museum of Art, doing some dive bar karaoke, or attending a cooking class together. The app focuses on uniting people based on shared interests, as opposed to immediate physical attraction. 

4. #4: Give Back To The Community

#4: Give Back To The Community (with help from VolunteerMatch)
On Saturday morning, the only thing we want to do is brunch with friends, stay in bed with our laptops and a cup of coffee, or sleep until noon. This year, we’ve resolved to get out more and do some good for our community with help from VolunteerMatch. The app and website connect you with volunteer opportunities you’ll be interested in, matching you by city and what you select as preferred hobbies. It’s a great way to meet people with similar interests and devote your time to a project bigger than yourself!

5. #5: Go Green!

#5: Go Green (with help from My Planet
Help the environment and have a lot of fun with an app called My Planet. The interactive game allows you to create your own world and examine what your carbon footprint actually looks like. Although it may seem like a silly game upon first glance, the app actually offers some amazing quizzes and tips that can absolutely transform the way you think about your impact on the environment. 

6. #6: Upgrade Your Career

#6: Upgrade Your Career (with help from LinkedIn)
Searching for a new job for the new year? LinkedIn is more than just an online resume -- it’s a powerful networking and job hunting tool. The iPhone app can help you engage with professionals in your field and search through one of the best open job aggregators on the web. 

7. #7: Call Your Family Instead of Stalking Them On Facebook

#7: Call Your Family Instead of Stalking Them on Facebook (with help from NextCall
This year, make a pact to actually call your friends and family every time you have the urge to sneak a peek at their Instagram or Twitter timeline. It’s a novel idea -- we know -- and one that might not be too easy to remember without a reminder. Next Call for Android shows you the last time you called particular people in your contacts. You will be filled with instant and overwhelming guilt when you realize you haven’t talked to your mamá in two weeks, and will want to call her immediately, trust us. The app also allows you to set up a call schedule -- so you’ll never miss your weekly chat with your abuela again. 

8. #8: Stop Blowing All Your Money On Take-Out

#8: Stop Blowing All Your Money On Take-Out (with help from AllRecipes)
Ok, we get it: you can’t cook, you never have any groceries, and the last thing you want to do after a long day at work is whip up a five-course meal. No problem. With help from Dinner Spinner, you can quickly find a highly-rated meal using ingredients you already have in your pantry. Easy, inexpensive, and trust us: your stomach will thank you! 

9. #9: Get Out, Get Moving!

#9: Get Out, Get Moving! (with help from Couch to 5K)
Ok, we’re realistic enough to acknowledge that we’re not going to suddenly start attending CrossFit 4 times a week after living a life of pure slothfulness for the past year. But, we do want to get moving this year. Couch to 5k takes new runners through a nine-week training program, and only requires users to run for 30 minutes, three times a week. You can even share your progress with friends and family, and keep up-to-date on your stats. 

10. #10: Kick Your Social Media Habit

#10 Kick Your Social Media Habit (with help from Pause)
Trying to kick your app addiction? Ironically, there’s an app for that. Pause allows you to “Pause the digital. Start the real.” Essentially, the app is designed to help users reconnect with their real life by putting your phone into Airplane Mode for set periods of time while you participate in another activity without checking your iPhone! How great is that?