The 20 Most Amazing Things You Need To Do Before The Summer Ends

Labor Day is right around the corner, and with it, the end to the warmer weather and the relaxing pace of the summer season. But before that happens, you better do these amazing things to make your summer a great one. Time's running out!

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Catch a Wave

You know you’ve once thought about how cool it would be to surf. Well make it happen this summer! Surfing lessons are found on many beaches or teach yourself with a surfboard rental. It’s a workout plus an exhilarating experience!

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Fly a Kite

Kite flying is often permitted without a permit anywhere in a park where there are large, open landscapes away from trees. Harnessing the wind is not only fun, but it also provides a healthy opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. This activity alone brings a great deal of peace.

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Whether you’re looking to lose weight, reduce stress, or simply clear your head and get out into nature, hiking delivers almost immediate rewards. Hiking encourages you to step away from your desk and step back out into nature.


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Why not try to make a difference in your community this summer? Volunteering is an extremely rewarding experience. Go to your neighborhood shelter, church, or even park and find the perfect opportunity for you. You’ll feel great about it!

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Build a Sandcastle

A day on the beach will never be dull again by creating your own show-stopping sandcastles. Just add water and buckets of imagination. It’s a good thing to get your creative juices flowing. Bring a camera!

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Go Swimming at Night

Bring out your daring side and do something that will rush your adrenaline. One night, grab a group of friends, drive to the beach, and run into the ocean water. Feeling extra daring? Make it a double whammy and go skinny dipping!

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Some people live for the adrenaline rush that comes with extreme sports, others don’t. Well, with kayaking, it’s up to you. If you need to feel that rush, go run a big rapid or hop into the surf in your sea kayak, if not, then take a peaceful paddle across the lake or calm sea. Anyone can do it, it’s inexpensive, and it’s an exercise… what isn’t there to love about this activity?

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Have a Technology-Free Day

Pick one day a month, for starters, to completely turn off your phone for 24 hours.  Power off, out of sight, no exceptions. Feeling for more of a challenge? Turn off all distracting electronic whiz bangs, TV, computer, devices, all of them, for one full 24 hour period. During this time, make time for yourself or spend the day outdoors. You’ll be amazed at how different your day is.

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Attend an Outdoor Concert

There are many opportunities to go see an artist you love in an outdoor concert experience. This summer take the chance to go see your favorite artist or look into new music by attending different festivals.

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Check Out Your Local Library

Don’t let rainy days stop you! Take a trip to your nearest library and read away. It’s a different vacation in each book and you’ll never know what you will find.

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Go on a Road Trip

Summer is road-trip time, and America is one of the best places in the world to explore by car. For many, this means seeing the country zoom by at interstate-highway speed. Pick a state, any state, and drive!

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Go Rollerblading

Have fun while getting some exercise! Rollerblading is a sport where you can kind of just let go and rip through the neighborhood.

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Go Star-Seeing

There is nothing more beautiful than a sky full of stars. Even in a big city with bright lights, there are still great places, such as open fields and parks, to see the stars. Perfect idea for a last minute date!

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Watch a Movie Outdoors

Pack a picnic, grab a blanket, and watch films with your fellow neighbors! From horror to noir, French cinema to musicals, there are parks and drive-ins that provide free movies all summer.

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Take a Yoga Class

Recommended for everyone, yoga is a great activity to begin, so why not choose this summer to begin? Benefits of yoga: happier you, steamier sex, better sleep, and a sense of calm. What are you waiting for?

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Take a Flower Arranging Course

Reach into your creative side and try something different. Soon enough you’ll be making flower arrangements as gifts for friends and family, plus you’ll have a more creative eye for any future projects.

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Hang Out on a Rooftop

There is just something cool about rooftops! Find a friend with an open rooftop and grab snacks. If you are up for it, stay up and watch the sunrise. Not a city-dweller? Hang out on the patio and do the same!

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Throw a BBQ

Nothing says summertime like a good ol’ BBQ. We all know that attending BBQ’s are delicious and fun, so why not take the initiative and throw your own awesome party?!

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Start Eating Healthy

It’s hard to live a healthy lifestyle over the summer with all the food (BBQs anyone?). However, you should make yourself proud and begin to live a healthy eating lifestyle before the summer ends. You’ll be stronger than ever (and looking fabulous!) when holiday season comes around!

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Visit Disney World

Thinking of a last minute vacation before the summer is over? Disney World is the place to go! It truly is the most magical place on earth and if you haven’t been, you’re missing out. This trip is worth every cent, so gather your friends and family and go on one of the most amazing experiences one could experience.