The U.S. Hispanic Market Will Soon Be the World's 11th Largest Economy!

At yesterday's Wall Street Summit in New York City, global CEO and corporate director Solomon "Sol" Trujillo gave a landmark, paradigm-shifting keynote speech called "Follow The Money," which put the $1.1 trillion dollar U.S. Hispanic market into a global perspective.

"The U.S. Hispanic market will soon be the 11th largest economy in the world," Trujillo said.  Putting the Hispanic market in the same category as Brazil, Russia, India, and China (the BRIC countries), he pointed out that U.S. Hispanics actually have more per capita purchasing power than the BRIC countries as well as the Group of 20 (G-20) member nations South Africa, Mexico, Argentina, Korea, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Australia.

How did the G-20 countries earn their seats at the table?  By growing their economies and creating wealth.  U.S. Hispanics have done the same thing.  By delivering economic growth and driving wealth creation, Hispanics have earned a seat at the table and deserve recognition for contributing to America’s competitiveness and America’s seat at the “global table."  Economic power drives political power, not the other way around – and American Hispanics are amassing political influence by earning it through wealth creation.

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