Shopping: The Universal Language

If you're lucky this holiday season, you'll be using your time off trotting the globe in search of fabulous new finds in exotic locales like the designer boutiques of Berlin's Kurfürstendamn, Parisian flea markets stocked with vintage accessories or the traditional silk fabrics of Seoul's sprawling Namdaemun shopping district. Which is why it makes sense to pick up the shopping basics of a new language. After all, shopping is the fundamental transaction that unites us all. Thankfully, learning a new language has never been easier. Just pop in a language software from a company like Rosetta Stone or Berlitz, and you'll absorbe the language in all kinds of exciting new ways.

For example, Rosetta Stone tries to recreate the language learning experience of your childhood with all these immersion exercises that are fun and addictive. They even have a specific section dedicated solely to shopping phrases. Both Berlitz and Rosetta Stone also provide additional MP3s and CDs so you can learn the language on your iPod or MP3 player.

We put together a few simple fashion related phrases to get you warmed up:

"Can I get a better price?"
Korean Translation: "Duh ssagae para ju saeyo."

"Is this an original?"
Spanish Translation: "¿Se trata de un original?"

"How much does this cost?"
French Translation: "Quel est le coût?"

"Does this come in a smaller size?"
Indonesian Translation: "Ini tidak datang dalam ukuran kecil?"

“I love this!”
French translation: “J’adore!”

Little Black Dress
Italian Translation: "Little abito nero"

Dutch Translation: "Off de schouder"

Skinny Jeans
Filipino Translation: "Payat maong"

Bon voyage!

Serena Kim