EXCLUSIVE: Frugal Fashionista Lilliana Vazquez Shares Her Tips for Online Holiday Shopping!

EXCLUSIVE: Frugal Fashionista Lilliana Vazquez
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Many online retailers charge restocking fees. Is there any way to get around them?

You’re trying to save money by shopping online, but it’s costing you to return. I’ve called and asked customer service, and 60 percent of the time they have added a note to my account saying I have the option to return. A good customer service person will refund it without a restocking fee if you return it in a timely manner.

Is Cyber Monday really the best time to shop online?

Cyber Monday is great if you need to get your shopping done and wrapped two weeks before Christmas. If you’re like me—and I love getting a sweet deal—I will wait until the very last minute. The closer to the holiday, the steeper the discount.

What’s typically cheaper to buy in store than online?

No-size items—like scarves, gloves, hats and small leather goods—will be cheaper in stores because they’re the perfect gift. Of the inventory that is bought for gifting, they are marked down more in store because they were prebought six months in advance for the holidays. Everything else depends on the store and what you’re looking for. Hop online and do your research, and see what it typically retails for.