Money Matters: Self Made

It is not the priciest but the most thoughtful gifts that are forever treasured.  So don’t panic as you scan your ever-growing gift list this holiday season. A sentimental present is truly priceless.

Invest in personalized label software or download free printables online. Then create labels that speak to your own ‘personal brand’ via colors, fonts and design.

Need inspiration? Visit for a plethora of (literally) bright ideas.

Then affix labels to your own self-made goods…

For the lovebirds: Dip-dyed candles for perfect mood lighting

For the beauty mavens: Homemade body scrubs and flavored lip balms

For the co-eds: Clear-wrapped fresh-baked cookies and other sweets to share at the dorm

For the empty-nesters: Digital photo frames pre-loaded with pictures of the kids

For the fashionistas: Self-strung beaded jewelry with personalized charms or pendants

For the jet-setters: Bedazzled and color-coded luggage tags

MONTHLY MONEYSMART TIP: Self-impose strict deadlines for holiday shopping. If you meet your deadlines, pick yourself up that little something you’ve been wanting. If not, for every gift that remains after the deadline, load a small sum each day onto a prepaid credit card. On New Year’s Eve select a personally meaningful charity and donate the card’s full balance to it.

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