Money Matters: Retro-Chic? Trends to Snag for Fall

In fashion, everything old is new again and for Fall 2012 we are definitely seeing a strong nod to the past.  But before going to all your favorite stores and paying full-price, check out the deals and steals at local vintage, thrift and consignment shops.

Here are our favorite throwback trends to look out for this season:

1. Leopard Print
2. Winter White
3. Tweed
4. Gold Hardware
5. Fringe
6. Fur Collars
7. Power Prints
8. Ladylike Hats
9. Denim Tops and Jackets
10. Jumpsuits


Plus, the savviest style-seekers know the best place to shop may be their very own closet! Modernize old pieces by having a tailor adjust the silhouette or hem-length.

Not sure whether a garment is worthy of being reconstructed? If the item is in good condition, made of quality fabric, is a timeless print or pattern and is something you hardly wear now but are not ready to part with, it’s time to reinvest in a piece you already own.

Money-smart tip: Every time you buy something used and discounted or, better yet, tailor a piece from your very own closet, load those savings onto your Prepaid MasterCard. Reward yourself with just one full-priced garment you can’t live without. For this season anyway!

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