Money Matters: On The House

Getting the whole familia together for dinner?

Skip the stuffy restaurant and make meaningful memories at home with personal touches that are both thoughtful and thrifty.

Whether it’s the menu or the décor, we love these clever ideas for la casa.

- Don’t splurge on frilly fabrics. Do design a DIY tablecloth that’s a conversation starter.

- Don’t spend time or money at the florist on fancy arrangements. Do remember that re-usable vases filled with fresh fruit, fall foliage or colored stones can be visually arresting.

- Don’t show off by shelling out for a pricey bottle of wine. Do pick up several inexpensive house reds and mix up a delicious sangria.

- Don’t stop by the bakery for ornate pastries. Do pick up cupcake mix and toppings and decorate your own dessert.

- Don’t rent a movie to watch after the meal. Do find and upload old family photos and play a slideshow set to music.


MONTHLY MONEYSMART TIP: A prepaid credit card is the modern day “cookie jar.” Set one up and throw in $5 every time a family member achieves a goal. Goals can include getting an A on an exam, finishing a marathon, winning a competition, signing a new client and more. When the card is nicely loaded, celebrate all the successes with the entire family over the house.

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