Money Matters: Holiday Hottie

While you’re out fulfilling everyone else’s wish list this season, you may end up with tired eyes, pulled-back hair and the inevitable high-grade seasonal stress. Not exactly ideal since you’ll also want to look pretty and presentable at the countless holiday parties and gatherings.

Multi-tasking to the rescue.

In the midst of these manic moments while you’re out purchasing presents for love-ones and potentially running late for eggnog with the coworkers, take a mini-break and indulge in free or discounted on-site beauty services. They will actually save you time and money.

Some tips for looking hot and feeling cool this December:


  • Hit a department store that has a salon. Request an apprentice or junior stylist over a senior stylist and schedule your appointment for when you’re done shopping.
  • Have your makeup done for free at the counter where you are picking up some products as presents.
  • Receive a mini-facial when sampling a new skincare line.
  • Try out new nail shades and textures and give yourself a quickie manicure at no cost at the new nail bars popping up in specialty shops.
  • Say yes to the seasonal spritzer girls. Pick up samples of all the new fragrances and test them out at your various end-of-year festivities.


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