Too Sexy for Citigroup?

We all have seen them: Chicas who saunter into work in too-tight, cleavage-bearing shirts or thigh-high mini skirts and stilettos. Some woman just don't understand or don't care to dress professionally for the office. But Debrahlee Lorenzana insists that she is not one of them.

Lorenzana is suing her former bosses at Citigroup for firing her for being "too distracting" to her male coworkers, and she claims she was moved to a isolated location as a result of her prior complaints about sexual harassment. But Lorenzana says that the perception of her clothing choices was way off. "Never did I ever show cleavage," the divorced single mom told the NY Daily News. "I like fashion, but I always dressed professionally." The beautiful Latina says she was advised to avoid wearing turtlenecks, pencil skirts and fitted suits because she was drawing too much attention to herself.

"Debrahlee Lorenzana would be very attractive in a burka," said her lawyer, Jack Tuckner. "All it came down to was, 'We don't want to deal with you, because you're just too good looking,'" Tuckner said.

Citigroup recently released a statement saying: "While we will not discuss the details of [Ms. Lorenzana’s] case, we can say that her termination was solely performance-based and not at all related to her appearance or attire."