Inspiring Latina: Mountain Climber Georgina Miranda is Taking Her Passion to New Heights!

Born to a Salvadureño dad and Nicaragüense mom, Georgina Miranda was the first in her family to be born here in the US. She never set out to be a hero, however, after reading about the horrors faced by women in the Congo and Uganda she felt that she had to do something to try to help.

"I came across an article written by Eve Ensler about the situation for women in these war torn African countries and it just hit me." Miranda says, "I had a vague idea of what was happening but hadn’t really heard about the situation in Africa in depth. I went onto the US Dept. of State website and read the reports on the Congo and was just heartbroken by what I was hearing and seeing. I knew that the reports were really only capturing a small percentage of what happened and I just started immediately looking for non-profits working on the ground in Congo."

Georgina didn't start out with a clear idea of how she could help, just a sense of urgency and desire to get involved. She had started climbing while studying for her MBA and it became a passion. As she worked her way up all of the local peaks in her area she started dreaming about climbing the 7 highest peaks in the world.

Her research led her to the International Medical Corp. She read up on all of the amazing work they had been doing in Africa, discovered they were based out of Santa Monica (very close to her hometown of LA) and immediately contacted them. Miranda notes, "After reading these stories I knew this could be my way of helping. All of these non-profits have a hard time getting funding for programs. I figured that people run marathons to raise money. My passion for
climbing spurred me on and I decided to climb the 7 summits to help
them raise funds."

Georgina's been training hard to get into shape for her first major climb. In July she will be tackling Russia's tallest peak, Mt. Elbrus. To get ready she has been working out 5 times a week and on the weekends tackling California's tallest peaks with up to 30-40 lbs on her back! In addition she has signed up for some special climbing classes and says that although many times she's the only Latino and the only woman, the climbing community has been incredibly supportive.

"My husband and family have also been so supportive," Miranda says, "My grandmother was a little nervous and I didn't want to tell her at first because she's very traditional and worries about my safety but once they all realized how passionate I was about this they all came 100% on board."

So how does Georgina stay on track through all the grueling workouts and training? "Finding out about these women has just provided me with such an endless source of inspiration. They’ve been through the most horrible circumstances and they are still smiling and fighting for their families and I just feel motivated by them."

Congratulations for stepping up to the plate for something you believe in Georgina. We'll definitely be following you and cheering you on! To help support Georgina Miranda in her effort to raise funds and awareness for the women in the Congo & Uganda please visit

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