Do You Find "Chingona" Offensive?

Do You Find "Chingona" Offensive?

Are you a chingona?

It's a controversial word that has many different meanings. Some Latinas may take being called a chingona as a compliment. Others would slap you in the face for even suggesting it.

The debate over the word has now hit the national media after a Dallas-based pizza chain used chingona in a recent advertising campaign. 

Pizza Patrón launched a limited time offer for a pizza with jalapeño encrusted pepperoni topped with even more jalapeño. The daring, extra-spicy pizza has an even bolder name: La Chingona. 

The pizza chain, which targets Mexican immigrants, planned a series of radio advertisements using the word. In the ads, a man walks into one of their pizza joints, and asks for the "pizza chingona." An employee informs him that it's only available for chingones. The customer then makes a case for his chingon-ness, and claims he can clap with one hand, make music with the rattles of rattle snakes, and live with his mother-in-law for a whole month. The intent of Pizza Patrón is clear: This pizza isn't for the faint of heart... and only a true chingon, a real badass, can handle it.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone views the word with the same positive connotations. 

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