X-rated Selfies Gone Wild!

“In the animal kingdom it’s a theatrical triple x 'show and tell' of epic proportions,” Dr. Vranich explains. “And for modern day men with Internet connection, the spectacle can be just as wild, dramatic—and graphic.”

But, it’s not just men, the good doctor says. Women, whether they like to admit it or not, also enjoy flaunting. Many females, young and not so young and many Latinas included, wear provocative clothing that showcase curves and cleavage for everyone to admire. (Just check out any Univision or Telemundo newscast as way of example.) The itsy bitsy outfits some women wear in public or sport in their social media pics may leave very little to the imagination. In the virtual, it’s a completely different world and both genders get to play out fantasies.

Which is why when Dr. Vranich heard the that Weiner continued sexting pictures of his wackadoodle (my 11-year-old son’s name for the mayoral aspirant’s private parts) to more women after he resigned from his post and had apologized, she was hardly surprised. And it’s little to do with Weiner and more to do with the times we are living in. 

“It’s the norm,” she says. And the embattled politico follows a string of men—famous or not—that proudly revealed his willy.