X-rated Selfies Gone Wild!

“I’ve spoken to many men—patients included—and many feel it’s the one thing they have to show off,” Dr. Vranich explains.

That is not necessarily what is going on with Anthony Weiner since she has not treated the disgraced former member of Congress. He may have a couple of compulsions happening simultaneously. But Dr. Vranich says that his desire to reveal his bulge at the risk of losing his wife, young child and reputation even after he lost his job may have to do with a combustible combination of primal desire, wifi, and most probably, addiction.

According to the therapist, the classic case of addiction—whether its drugs, shopping, gambling, or sex—is when your obsession gets in the way of your job. For Weiner, it has. He has lost his job, and despite the fact that his wife gave him a second chance, he went there again. But, back to the primal theory.

Dr. Vranich explains: in the wild, male birds trying to get female attention will do all sorts of things: show off their expanded wingspan, fly backwards or in loops to get their chick’s eye. Or if birds are not your thing, think of gorillas, our closest cousins. They pound on their chest and belt out huge cries with boners to get the female of their desire.