X-rated Selfies Gone Wild!

In the last several years, Brett Favre, Kanye West, and Chris Brown flaunted their snakes for the world to see. And while Jon Hamm’s snake was caged, his see through pants left little to the imagination.

 “We live in a penis centric society—we always have—where men think celebrating the penis is incredibly important and women go along with it,” says Dr. Vranich who has treated men with sex addiction and that includes, texting obsession too. “It’s about time we change the rules.”

In the end, she says that men like West, Brown, Favre, Weiner—even Hamm—will always have a captive audience. Whether it's a 22-year-old Indiana Democrat looking for love, or another random chick trolling the net for kicks and penis affirmations—the mating calls will happen in the wild wild west of Internet connection. Just don't run for office if you want to keep it private.

And how this lack in the discretion of their sexual life hurt these men is up for question? Weiner who has now dropped to third place in the latest poll since the new revelations came out is still in the race. And despite his lack of judgment, Dr. Vranich, an outspoken member of Anyone But Quinn, says she’ll support for him in the primary, penis pictures and all.

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