X-rated Selfies Gone Wild!

Ladies, raise your hand if you've received penis pictures–solicited or not. And raise your other hand if you sent sexy selfies to an object of your desire. According to sexpert and author Dr. Belisa Lozano Vranich triple x selfies of the "down there" regions are more common than most people would admit. And she says that these self-portraits are a compulsion that is primal in both men and women. The Internet just made the stage a little larger and a lot more public.

“Men who show off their penises are very much like some women showing cleavage. It’s a mating call,” Dr. Vranich explains. “While some women won’t wear revealing dresses to show their curves, butts or breasts, many others do and the attention that they get for the reveal is very exciting to them.”

According to Dr. Vranich for men, it works in a similar way.