Can't Orgasm? This is the Reason Why

Can't Orgasm? Blame Your Anatomy, Mujer

Oh, the elusive orgasm! It shows up once and awhile, and when it does... toes curl, backs arch, and we scream “Oh God! because “Glory Hallelujah” it feels so good.

Then it’s gone. Just like that. When will you return, orgasm? WHEN?!

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We have some sad news for you — it may be a while. A new study discovered that a woman’s anatomy makes it that much harder for her to climax. It comes down to our vagina’s composition and how the penis enters our opening. Bottom line, if a woman wants to experience an orgasm, vaginal penetration is almost never enough.

Men, on the other hand, ejaculate easily due their nervous systems. Unlike a woman’s vagina, a penis is external. Its nerve endings and sensitive points are out in the open, making it that much easier to hit their spot. Therefore, how men and women are built ultimately affects how easily we are sexually satisfied.

Looks like that next orgasm may just be gone till November, chicas.