What You Need To Know About Kissing (Besides The Fact That It’s Fun)

Healthy mothers and healthy children can benefit from kiss-feeding (it provides nutrients like iron, zinc, and carbohydrates, etc.). Your saliva also carries information about your level of health, which makes a “kiss a way to taste a potential mate,” Michael says in the video. He suggests that prehistoric people who enjoyed kissing may have picked better mates and reproduced more successfully. If this isn’t an endorsement for going out there and kissing experimentally, we don’t know what it is. 

This is all super interesting stuff. So ladies, if you haven’t had a make-out session in a while, we suggest you go out there and create one for yourself. If you don’t already have someone to enjoy this pleasurable act with, go out and find him/her. Find someone who would love to swap saliva with you. Never thought we’d quote rapper Drake (and countless Internet memes which sprouted from him), but YOLO – You Only Live Once. So why not go ahead and clock those 20,160 minutes with someone (or several different people through time) you have crazy chemistry with?

Kissing is to be enjoyed – we would hate to see you deprive yourself of it.

Watch Michael's video below and tell us what you learned in the comments below: