Haunting Wedding Photographs Show The Spirit Of The Bride's Dead Son

Haunting Wedding Photographs Show The Spirit Of The Bride's Dead Son
Brandy Angel Photography

In my mother’s home town of Tenares, Dominican Republic, there’s an espiritu that haunts people at night. They say the ghost visits those who sleep and pulls on their left leg. But not all spirits are terrifying. In fact, Mami often claims to feel the ghost of her mama whenever she needs comfort, and often looks at old wedding photos as abuela happily stood alongside her.

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Anna Bozman Thompson, who lost her eight-year-old son, Lake, to leukemia six months ago, can now do the same. With a heavy heart and without Lake, Anna married her boyfriend, Travis Thompson, in October. The Georgia couple took the customary wedding photos and were pleasantly surprised when the photographer, Brandy Angel, unveiled the pics: Lake was right alongside his two living siblings.

How is that possible? Editing. Anna had admitted to feeling sad because Lake wouldn’t be in her wedding photos. "...it's like you feel guilty taking photos without him," she told Fox5 Atlanta. So Angel photoshopped Lake’s image into the photos. Now, the happy couple have the perfect wedding album as their family is united once again.

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