5 Simple Ways to Bring Back the Spark!

Ready to spice up your relationship? Sujeiry Gonzalez, known by many as the “Latina Carrie Bradshaw,” is a relationship expert and author of Love Trips: A Collection of Relationship Stumbles. Read on for her easy ways to get back the spark – fast! 

1. Spark: Romantic

Get Romantic

We all could use a little more romance in our lives, and with a little effort, you can easily bring it back in your relationship. “Romance shouldn't just be reserved for Ryan Gosling in The Notebook,” she says. “Buy some sexy lingerie and cook a great meal for your man or woman and eat it by candlelight.” Another option? Treating them to the newest restaurant in town that you both have been dying to try. Sometimes it just takes breaking routine. 

2. Spark: Speak

Speak Up

Communication is key to any relationship! Sometimes something as simple as talking to your partner can help make things better. “What we need isn't always obvious. Your partner may not realize that the spark is gone or that you need more to feel emotionally or sexually satisfied. That's when you must take responsibility for your happiness and your relationship,” she says. “Tell him or her what you desire. Tell him or her what is lacking but most importantly what you both can do to make it all better. Come up with a real solution that you can work toward! Start with small goals and work from there.” 

3. Spark: Creative

Get Creative

Really want to amp up sexy time? Get creative. “A night in with sexy lingerie is a start but it can also become redundant quickly if that's your only trick. Get creative in the romance department,” she said. “Make your partner a lovers coupon book that he can use whenever he pleases. This little book can have anything you want, like permission for him to spank you or a voucher for a sensual massage. Take bellydancing classes in secret and surprise him one day (with a dance). These are things that are a little outside the box and show effort. And there's nothing sexier and more spark-inducing than effort.” 

4. Spark: Forgive

Learn to Forgive

In any relationship, it’s hard to move forward once you’ve been hurt. Sometimes the only way to keep your relationship alive is to forgive and move on. “In relationships, at times the spark is gone because we are holding on to past hurt and pain. In order to reignite the spark, we must release negative energy,” Sujeiry explains. “Forgiving may be difficult but it is the only path to healing your relationship. Forget about what he didn't do on your birthday or how he forgot your anniversary. Speak up then start fresh. Forgive and take things day by day in order to remain in the present.” 

5. Spark: Simple

The Simple Things

When all else fails, go back to basics, and keep it simple! “People underestimate the power of the simple things.” she says. “Bottom line, bringing the spark back into your relationship doesn't have to be about bold, time-consuming, or expensive gestures. It can be just as simple as posting a post-it on the bathroom mirror saying, ‘I love you.’ Or calling in the middle of the day to see how their day is going. Anything that can bring a smile to your partner’s face is worth trying. It often doesn't take much."