From Mommy to Mamacita: Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life


Three’s Not a Crowd

“One night my husband and I went to a strip club. There we met a Brazilian woman. We ended up in a back room where the three of us had some fun. There was touching, kissing—things of that nature. A night like this is a spark in our relationship. We’ve known each other for 14 years and we have to be creative. I am by far a mother before anything else, but it’s very important to feel like you’re still a woman and able to enjoy your husband’s company.”

Spanish-Cuban American Marilyn Garcia*, 37, Davie, Fla. Married 11 years, two children

Surprise Visit

“We took a trip to visit family in New Mexico and ended up on a tour of this beautiful, historic hotel. When we got up to the suites, my husband told me he’d booked one for us. His family took the baby and we stayed. He totally romanced me. We watched the sunset with strawberries and champagne and it was amazing. It was like rediscovering each other, getting that intimate touch without interruption. We had fun in the bathtub and took our time. Sex at home is not easy. When your baby starts walking, you’re always afraid they’re going to walk in on you! In a hotel room, you’re free to swing from the chandeliers if you like.”

Dominican American Jane Torres-Lavoro, 33, Teaneck, N.J. Married five years, one child

*Name has been changed

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