From Mommy to Mamacita: Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

If you’re jealous of the wild and crazy sexcapades your child-free friends are having, you shouldn’t be. “Ay, Mami” can take on a whole new meaning after having kids. For inspiration, we asked four mujeres to share the details of the hottest dates they’ve had with their men since becoming parents.

Adults Only

“We wanted to do something crazy and fun, so we went to an adult entertainment expo. My husband wanted me to dress supersexy, so I was wearing a bra top, ripped jeans and heels. I had never in my life gone out like that, but he was happier than God knows what. It was a very cool experience. People were either half naked or wearing body paint. We walked around, saw some risqué performances and bought a few adult toys, including a vibrating fingertip and sexy panties. Afterward, we changed into even sexier clothes and went dancing all night. This was an escape not just from our boys but from reality. It amped up our sex life.”

Cuban American Tanya Garzon, 36, Miami. Married 14 years, with two children


“We’re a blended family and the kids are always with us. ‘Popcorn’ is our secret code [for sex] and we can never do it because they’re always knocking on our door—despite the sign that says If you knock and we don’t answer, go away. So one night after dinner and margaritas, we checked into a hotel for a few hours, watched dirty movies on TV and made some popcorn. You have to be able to give yourself to your partner. If you don’t have a sexual relationship, it’s not going to work. The kids eventually leave, so you have to have that connection.”

Mexican American Regan Garduno, 37, Katy, Texas. Together with partner seven years, five children

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