VOTE! Who Are You Crushing On This Week?

This week, we’re crushing on an array of men; the first surrounded by buzz, the second who’s one of our favorite military heroes, and the last who may be taken (to his female fans’ great disappointment) already.

Check out our crushes below and vote for your fave: 

John Ortiz

The seasoned Boricua actor has already garnered buzz for his performance in HBO's Luck – and for only a preview! The show’s sneak peek aired on the network last night and we look forward to seeing more of the 42-year-old.

J.R. Martinez

Though he himself is a hero, Dancing With the Stars champ J.R. Martinez took time out to honor others at the annual CNN Heroes event this past weekend. The part-Salvadorian Army vet-turned actor tweeted about the experience: “I'm touched by all the stories. Which ones have impacted you thus far?” For us – it has been Martinez’s own story. Read more about it here.

René Pérez

Who doesn’t love a bad boy? René Pérez of Calle 13 (and one of our favorite Puerto Rican lyricists) was spotted recently with Argentinean singer Soledad Fandiño. When asked about their relationship by a magazine, they said it was very natural and cool.