VOTE! Who Are You Crushing On This Week?

Ah, the life and loves of Jennifer Lopez. Since she announced her divorce from salsero Marc Anthony in a joint statement this past summer, Lopez has been linked to some of the hottest men in Hollywood. This week, with the news of her being spotted (we think!) with Bradley Cooper, we are crushing on all her many options... and the choices below are not bad at all. Be sure to vote who you’re crushing on below!

Bradley Cooper

The 36-year-old light-eyed star of The Hangover has been spotted with Lopez as recently as this weekend – reports are circulating that a woman seated beside him in a car this past Saturday was in fact J.Lo (the woman hid her face with her hands from paparazzi). Cooper and Lopez had dinner last month but insisted that it was for business purposes only.

Rodrigo Santoro

The 36-year-old Brazilian actor plays J.Lo’s husband in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, an upcoming film based on the best-selling pregnancy guidebook. A romance between the two has been denied, but he doesn't make a bad work husband!

William Levy

Soon after appearing shirtless in J.Lo’s “I’m Into You” music video, the 31-year-old Cuban telenovela star had to fend off rumors of an affair with Lopez. It seems that many felt the chemistry between Levy and Lopez in the music video was too real. Levy has publicly stated there is no romance but we will use any excuse to show a pitcure of him we can!