Valentine's Day Gifts from the Heart

Feb. 14 may not scream "technology!" to you, but think about it: Are you more likely to send a handwritten love letter or a quick "luv u" text to your boo? Valentine's Day is all about catering to your special someone's desires, and if he's got a fetish for all things digital, why not indulge it? Here are a few gift ideas that emphasize the "lover" part of "gadget lover."

iPods & iTunes Gift Cards: Splurge on a red iPod Nano ($149, with an engraved message—anything from "Listener Property of [Your Name Here]" to "I love you despite your terrible taste in music." If he's already got an iPod, enable his addiction with one of these cute Valentine's Day-themed iTunes gift cards ($50,

Canon PowerShot Digital ELPH camera: This sexy red number ($200, can take beautiful 12 megapixel pictures and also handles video. Give it to him with a note saying he can use it when on your next vacation together—or open it beforehand and surprise him with some (ahem) creative pictures of yourself.

Flameless LED candles: A room full of candles is way sexy; accidentally torching your bedspread, curtains or signficiant other, slightly less so. Ditch the matches and pick up an assortment of LED candles (starting at $2 each, These run on batteries but are made from real wax and look and smell just like real candles. Perfect for the dinner table, bedroom or around the bathtub!

Cross pen & Moleskine notebook: If your man shudders at technology, indulge his lo-fi lifestyle with a gorgeous Cross pen ($22, and Moleskine hardcover journal or sketchbook ($12 each, Moleskines have been in use for centuries by creative types from Ernest Hemingway to Pablo Picasso, and there's something romantic and classic about a high-quality pen instead of a chewed-up Bic ballpoint.

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