My Week on Tinder

Day 6:

I went on the app in the morning and kept at it, rejecting a ton of guys. At this point, I think I could write a book on people looking dumb in photos. There’s a lot of reasons why I judge some of these and say “no” that have little to do with looks. Please, guys, just smile (and don't just have a picture of your abs)!

Today I liked nobody. This is exhausting. 

Day 7:

By my last day of trying this app out, I’m pretty sick of it. I was excited and enjoying it at the start, but no longer. 

Overall, the app was fun for the photos but ultimately made me feel too shallow. It’s also not really based on anything real. Sure, you can see if there are interests or friends in common, based on the information you put on Facebook, but it’s not easy to start a conversation with someone you’re matched with. 

In Tinder’s defense, the app is perfect for what it is mostly being used for--hooking up with people near you. Since it searches based on location, it’s also great for spontaneous dates. 

Even though I didn’t really have much luck on the app, I would still recommend it to a friend. It was a mostly enjoyable week, even if the main thing I learned from Tinder is that looks have everything to do with dating. Or, at least, are vitally important the first time you see sometime on a dating site. 

Have you tried the app? What are your experiences? Share in the comments!