My Week on Tinder

Day 4:

After four days of being on Tinder, and feeling like I am the most shallow person in the world, I’m beginning to get tired of the app. First of all, despite me putting my preferences for men 28-40, I still frequently see much younger and much older guys. What's wrong with this thing?

Secondly, the app definitely seems to be for hookups. I was matched with guy #3 yesterday and guy #4 today. One reached out, clearly looking for sex, and the other just never said anything. 

Third, the app definitely has a straight bias. When I said “ok” to being matched with women, I would only see a single girl photo for every 20-30 guys. Then, when I decided to turn off seeing guys completely, I would still see plenty of guys. Where’s all the love for the ladies?

Day 5:

Despite my reservations yesterday, I’m back on the app again today. I’ve still been texting with guy #1 and may go on a date with him. Honestly, I’m a little weary of the way this app works, so I am holding off. 

Guy #3 finally messaged me and we briefly chatted. Nothing exciting to report, though. I think it’s difficult to strike up a conversation because there just isn’t much to say. I mean, you may have a few interests in common (or so we’re told by what this app could find on our Facebook profiles), but that’s it. 

After some messaging and looking through more photos today, I have seriously started to get photo fatigue. I think this app is actually making me judge people more the longer I am on it. It’s really easy to just click “X” or swipe to the left, and just let this app know that you don’t like someone. It’s so easy, in fact, that I’ve gotten into the habit of judging so fast that I’ve actually said “no” to a few guys on accident. Oops!

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