My Week on Tinder

Day 2:

I went on again during lunch and was matched almost instantly with guy #2, which means that he had already checked my photo. Because you sign up through Facebook, this app can actually see your friends and interests, so I found out that me and guy #2 had a friend in common. Unfortunately, though, it wasn’t someone I knew very well at all. 

He asked me out on a date after talking all day, but then he started to creep me out when he suggested I wear a particular outfit that was in one of my photos. Seriously, guy #2? Too much.

Day 3:

I never replied to guy #2 but have now started texting with guy #1. He actually seems decent and the conversation is nice, but it isn’t going nowhere. Guy #2 tries again and messages me during the day, asking what I’m looking for. To be honest, this seems like too bold of a question for someone I’ve never met. I ignore him. 

After going through many, many men on the app, I realized that I feel really shallow. There’s nothing quite like going through dozens of photos of people and deeming them not attractive enough for you. 

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