My Week on Tinder

When we at Latina first heard about the hot dating app Tinder, we knew that we had to check it out. With more and more people signing up for the location-based service that matches you with partners that you find attractive (both parties have to “check” each other), it seemed like something we had to road test for ourselves. 

Read on for the full review of my week on Tinder

Day 1:

When I signed myself up, the first thing I saw is that it chose my most recent Facebook photos for me. Oh no! I had to quickly change my photos to the ones I preferred for this dating app. As soon as I went on to see my potential matches, I realized: everyone is so young! 

It took a while before I figured out how to edit the settings so that I wasn’t constantly being matched up with 20-year-olds. While going through, I realized just how easy it is to judge people just based on looks. 

At the end of the day, though, I was matched with a guy and he messaged me! Oh, yes, that’s how it works. If someone gives you a checkmark and you do the same for them, the two of you are matched and can message each other on their internal messenger. It looks just like an iPhone’s iMessage and I ended up talking with guy #1 for a couple of hours. 

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