Tinder Debuts New Transgender Identity Option

Tinder Debuts New Transgender Gender Option
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Tinder has expanded its horizons for those looking to swipe right and left.

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The mobile dating app has updated its gender identity field, allowing users to choose between more than just "male" or "female." Now, swipers can self-identify as "transgender," with the options "trans man" or "trans woman" available. And if neither of those options fit the bill, the user can customize their own label on their profile.

The company reportedly worked with GLAAD, an LGBT advocacy group, to implement the change. Co-founder and CEO Sean Rad explained, "The tone of the elections forced us to look at what we are doing to help define what is acceptable for our community." Depsite the addition, Nick Adams, GLAAD'S transgender media program director, explained that listing your gender is only an option, not a requirement. "Some trans people will only want to go on a date with someone who knows they are trans," Adams said. "But trans people have different strategies for dating and some would prefer to go on a date first and then disclose," he explained. 

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The app also made sure to implement changes regarding "reporting" certain users after finding out that some individuals were being reported for being trans. The algorithm was adjusted so that users can only be reported for their actions, not for their gender identity.