A Timeline of William Levy & Elizabeth Gutiérrez’s On-Again, Off-Again Romance

We have to admit, we didn’t know too much about Elizabeth Gutiérrez until a few months ago when she sent out a press release declaring herself officially, 100% done (like stick-a-fork-in-it done) with her partner, Cuban super-hottie, William Levy.

But we paid attention afterwards, because she seemed to be sticking up for herself and her children and was just so over Levy’s philandering ways. But before we even had a chance to say, “You go girl!” there were rumors of reconciliation and now…of a possible marriage! And this isn’t the first time the longtime couple were rumored to be walking down the aisle. 

All this drama got us wondering about this telenovela super couple, so we did some digging and this is what we found:

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2003: Mexican-American actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez & Cuban model William Levy meet on the set of Protagonistas de Novela 2 (think Big Brother, Latin style).

2006: The couple seems to settle down in Los Angeles. Elizabeth gives birth to their first child, a son named Christopher Alexander.

2007: The pair costar yet again in the telenovela, Acorralada, the most popular telenovela on Univision since La Fea Mas Bella (Ugly Betty)!

2009: The first round of rumors that the couple was splitting up begin to circulate, but a few months later, Elizabeth reveals that she is pregnant with their second child.

Elizabeth Gutiérrez Hints At Reconciliation with William Levy

2010: Gutiérrez gives birth to daughter, Kailey Alexandra. Shortly thereafter, rumors begin to circulate that the couple is getting married, or may have already done so secretly.

May, 2011: Elizabeth sends the Hispanic press a release saying she was leaving Levy for good because she had “too much respect for herself and her children” to stick around, but she avoids accusing him outright of cheating. 

August, 2011: After being plagued by rumors of infidelity, Levy is hit with a sexual assault charge by a 17-year-old girl and her mother. A few weeks later the charges are dropped and reports of an impending November marriage in Coral Gables, FL surface.

Sexual Abuse Charges Against William Levy Dropped

There is no telling what is going to happen between these two or if the most eligible Latino bachelor is going to be off the market soon, so we'll just have to wait and see for ourselves if a marriage actually pans out between these two gorgeous telenovela stars!