7 Things You Should Never Do In A Relationship As Shown by Jamie On Dexter

She is Not Understanding About His Line of Work

Quinn is a cop. And most of the time, cops have to work at odd hours of the day. It comes with the territory. Throughout the season, Jamie is not understanding of his last-minute change of plans in regards to his job. Instead, she complains about it, and is not very sympathetic. Men who are working hard never seem to appreciate when a women is not understanding of their job, so this can be very bad for a relationship.

She's Too Involved in His Job, and Pulls Him Into Her Job

Sure, Quinn works for Jamie's brother Angel Batista. But regardless, she is way too involved in his job by pushing him for promotions, asking him too many questions, and being a part of things that she really should not be a part of in this stage of their relationship.

Not only that, but she gets him involved in her job as well by bringing the kid she takes care of to his house on a night when he has things to do. Getting too involved in each other’s jobs when you are dating is a recipe for disaster. You should be able to talk about your position with your partner, but there is a line when it comes to how much they are involved.