7 Things You Should Never Do In A Relationship As Shown by Jamie On Dexter

She Wants To Turn Down a Great Job Opportunity For Him

Jamie gets a letter of acceptance for an incredible job opportunity at a University in Georgia. But instead of taking it, she plans on turning the job down to continue to work as a nanny, so she can stay in her relationship with Quinn. He encourages her to take it, but she replies with "Well, what about us?" and says that she would rather stay in the area for their relationship. 

Obviously if the guy is encouraging you to leave the area for a job, he is not as interested as you may think. And questioning him about where the relationship is going is just bad news.

She Is Always The One Initiating Sex

There is nothing wrong with the girl initiating sex, but if the guy is not initiating it as well, it's may be time to let up. Jamie is constantly initiating sex, and other forms of affection with Quinn, and he seems disinterested. NOT a good sign.

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