7 Things to Know About Anal Sex

In a recent episode of The Mindy Project, Mindy Lahiri accused her beau, Danny, of trying to enter through her backdoor. Yes, he wanted to have anal sex. Mindy freaked and with good reason. Anal sex is a deeply (pun intended) intimate act. The butthole is where something (ahem) comes out of, not where you generally want something to go in. Not to mention, it can be painful. Not to mention, it harps on insecurities. (Hemorrhoids are real, mi gente.) That’s why I will only give up my culito — the only entry that hasn't been deflowered — when I am married. Maybe.

But what if you’re more exploratory than Mindy and I? Here are 7 things to know about anal sex before diving in.

PLUS: Reasons to take your man to a sex toy shop.

1. Safety First

Just because you can’t get pregnant from anal sex doesn’t mean there aren’t any risks. STDs like gonorrhea, chlamydia, HPV and especially Hepatitis A, which is transmitted through anal sex via contact with feces, are easily transmittable if you don't use protection. So use a Jimmy! And I’m not talking about Jimenez from la vecindad.

2. Nothing But a Poop Thing

Where there is anal sex, there is poop? Not exactly. The parts of your anal anatomy that are used during anal sex are the rectum and the anal passageway. That’s not where feces are stored. Still, it’s not a clean exit, if you know what I’m saying. This is where some, um, preparation is involved. After having a bowel movement and before anal sex, put your finger inside your anus and rinse! Yes, we’re serious. Your lover will thank you.

3. Vag and Anal Play

So you’re having anal sex and now he wants to stick it in your vajayjay. Not so fast! You need to put on a new condom. Otherwise, you risk bacteria from your bum getting into your vagina. (Because nothing shuts down a new sexual experience like an infection. Ay!)

4. That Anal Orgasm

Si, it’s true — you can orgasm from anal sex. The rectal passageway is very sensitive, and that’s the sweet spot that his member hits when he's rocking your booty. How does it feel? Like an explosion of ecstasy. That’s what my prima says anyway. She also says, “once you go anal you’ll always want it from behind.”

5. Lube It Up

You must use lube when having anal sex. Our vaginas become naturally lubricated when aroused, making it that much easier for him to slide in. The anus? Not so much. So lube it up! It makes anal sex less painful. You can purchase lubricant at any sex toy shop. And no, don’t try and get the small bottle. Sorry to say, you’re probably going to need more than you think.

6. The Best Position

We’re told what the best positions are for having a vaginal orgasm. There are books with diagrams to teach us how to ride him like a cowgirl. But what is the best position when doing anal? The easiest is on your stomach, booty in the air and legs spread slightly. A variation of doggy style also helps. Try getting on all fours and wrapping your legs around his waist. This way you can control how deep he goes.

7. Pre-anal Practice

Before going all the way, begin with some pre-anal experimentation. Have him stick a finger or two up your anus. He can even lick it to get you comfortable with stimulating your rear. And, of course, use sex toys! Butt plugs are a great way to loosen you up before you get to the real deal. Above all else, remember it’s supposed to be enjoyable for both of you. So relax and have fun.