Star Crossed Lovers: Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz

We're so happy for Eva Longoria and her new man Eduardo Cruz that we just had to know what their future holds. So we asked Latina contributor AJ Barrera to use numerology to peak into the new couple’s future.

Eva is a 4 Life Path and a 4 Personal Year. (See below for How AJ determines these numbers.)

Eduard is a 7 Life Path and a 6 Personal Year.

People with a Life Path Number 4 are seekers of knowledge and born teachers. Although Eva can be cynical, she always tries to give the best advice to those around her. She has a great sense of humor and is very intuitive and helps make the dreams of others a reality.

Eva craves security. She needs to feel protected & loved. Her desire for stability can backfire though. A 4 energy like Eva is likely to stay in a bad relationship rather than experience change.

As a 4 Life Path, Eva also needs control. Eva is an extremely grounded individual and being rich & famous is irrelevant to her.

When a 4 Life Path falls in love, they are very sincere. If they ever feel betrayed, they find it difficult to love again. 4 Life paths are so focused on their dreams and career success that they often don’t see that their relationships are failing—which may have been an underlying cause of her recent divorce.

Eva falls in a 4 Personal Year, which is about hard work and steady progress. Last year should be forgotten as this year is going to be the year for hard work, and some failures. This is the time for Eva to get organized, as her responsibilities will increase. Health and diet should be carefully considered this year, as she may feel a little more run down than usual.

People with a 7 Life Path Number (Eduardo) are about seeking truth. Eduardo is the type of energy that believes in seizing the moment.

When it comes to their relationships, Eduardo loves a healthy relationship where he can be loyal, honest and direct. He may not be quick to say 'I Love You” because maybe not be that expressive. He isn’t the type of person that is afraid to be alone.

Eduardo's Personal Year is a 6. This is the time he will start looking at his relationships, family, home and responsibilities. It is important for Eduardo to take this relationship slowly and pace himself in order to allow the relationship to bloom.
Together this is a refreshing relationship for Eva and Eduardo, but there is a lot going on for both of them. Even though at times Eduardo may want his space in the relationship, they are definitely compatible and in for a long lasting, fun & exciting future together. It is likely that their relationship will get even spicier and deeper, with a chance that it may even lead to marriage as long as they continue to communicate and support one another emotionally.

On Numerology:

Los Angeles celebrity psychic AJ Barrera used his extremely accurate numerology system to gain insight into relationships.

Barrera relies on two key numbers for his assessment. The first, known as the Life Path number, is based on the sum of a person’s birth date, For Eva, AJ added together the numbers corresponding to her birth date (3 + 15 + 1975 = 1993) and then added those four digits (1 + 9 + 9 + 3=22), then added those digits to arrive at 4.

The second is known as the Personal Year, which is helpful when evaluating a specific time period. First, reduce the month and day of birth to a single digit (3+15=18=1+8=9). Next, you would reduce the year for which you are making the calculation to a single digit (in this case 2 + 0 + 1 +1 = 4). Then you add those numbers together until you get one number (9=4=13=1+3=4) and, ta-da! We get a Personal Year of 4 for Eva.