Size Does Matter: Woman Divorces Husband Because His Penis Is Too Small!

So… penis size does matter.

A woman reportedly divorced her Taiwanese husband after four years because, well, his penis didn’t add up. Literally. According to MSN, 55-year-old Zhou’s “member” is less than two inches long and likened to a “kid’s,” per wife Zhang… words that would crumble any man’s ego.

Apparently, Zhang wasn’t able to try the "goods" before she got married to Zhou because of his religious beliefs, and so we understand her disappointment. For Zhou, their sex issue was based on timing. “I prefer to have sex in the morning but she wanted it around midnight,” he reportedly said. “By then I would be very tired.” Hmmph.

Chemistry in between the sheets is important in any relationship, and even more so in a marriage, but if the man’s equipment down there is supbar, intense makeout sessions and foreplay can only do so much. This got us to the conclusion that despite what credible sexologists tell us, penis size does matter! A nub doesn’t feel the same as, well, something of a grander scale. A medical study conducted on 323 women at a Scottish university found, for the most part, the bigger the penis, the better for vaginal orgasms. And that’s all a woman wants out of this whole thing, right? It would be nice to reach an orgasm. We don’t ask for much, but one orgasm would be swell. Please.

Back to size. You probably have heard those crazy stats comparing men’s “members” from all over the globe. Research in the scientific journal Personality and Individual Differences claims that men from Africa’s Republic of Congo lead with an average penis length of 7.1 inches. Spaniards ranked lower with 5.5 inches, but, hey, we're proud that they’re on there.

We’re going to be frank and just ask you – does penis size matter to you? Sound off in our comments below.