5 Tips For Getting Freaky in the Shower

We’ve all watched that scene in a movie where lovers make love in a fancy pool at a fancy hotel. And you think, "Hey, I want to do that! How do I make that happen?" It’s sexy and badass and all that jazz, but having sex while submerged in water isn’t very common, practical or orgasmic — because, well, dryness. Yet, according to a Trojan study, 33 percent of folks still want to get freaky while wet.

So, how do you make this a pleasurable experience? How do you fulfill this fantasy without an itchy and burning vagina the morning after? Here are some ways to make sex in water much more pleasurable:

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1. Water Sex: Shower Handle

Purchase a shower handle.

Having sex in the shower seems fun in theory, but it can be dangerous. You can slip and fall and break your back! However, there is a solution to this problem: a shower handle. Like the viejitos in your life, you can purchase and install it easily. And grip it for dear life when your bae is banging you from behind. Plus, it’s super handy when conditioning your tresses. No slipping and sliding due to suds! It’s a win/win!   

2. Water Sex: Vibrating Sponge

The power of a vibrating sponge

Who says sponges can’t provide pleasure? A vibrating sponge comes with a waterproof bullet and buzzes when turned on — just like you’ll hum with pleasure when your lover places it on your clitoris. Because it’s a wet sponge you won’t have to worry about dryness. 

3. Water Sex: Right Position

Find the right position.

A sex position can either make or break underwater sex. You can slip, you can poke each other’s eyes out, you can pull a muscle. The best position for sex while wet is the Hands on the Wall. Put them up and lean into the wall like you’re getting frisked! He’ll enter you from behind and you’ll feel nice and firm while he rocks your world. Just keep your feet on the shower mat! 

4. Water Sex: Showerhead

That handy shower head

Many women admit to masturbating with their shower head. Much like the vibrating sponge, you can massage your clit with the shower head. The water pressure works as a vibrator and the feeling is fantastic. Give your lover the handle and let him point, shoot and bring you to ecstasy! 

5. Water Sex: Lubricant

Use Trojan Riviera Lubricant.

Speaking of ecstasy, there’s still a cockblocker to eliminate when having sex while wet — dryness. No matter what position you attempt or how many waterproof sex toys you use, vaginal dryness is an issue when having full-blown intercourse. To combat this, you need lube. Trojan Lubricants Riviera is long-lasting and specifically made for the shower, tub and much more. Made of water-resistant silicone, it doesn’t wash off with soap or water. Plus, there’s no adverse reaction. Clinically tested, the Trojan Lubricants Riviera is mild enough for the most sensitive vagina. Goodbye itch, hello underwater sexy time!