Should Our Modern Latina Bride Go For a Short Dress?

As you know, I have chosen my dress, but, unfortunately, I can’t share it with you all because I would DIE if Hec happened to see it, so you will have to wait until the wedding like everyone else. But, I will tell you that I kept the dress very classic to go along with a veil (which I have yet to choose) and I chose a dress I felt was appropriate for my day ceremony as well as the reception. That is, until I found out that my fabulous stylish hubby-to-be was going to get fitted for not one, but TWO custom-made tuxedos!

As a fashionista myself, I could not let the groom outshine the bride, so now I’m looking for a second dress for the reception. I would be lying if I said I was disappointed to have to change into a second outfit. I’m thinking I want to do something completely opposite from my wedding gown—something fun, flirty, and short to show my shoes off, of course. However, it still needs to be classy and appropriate as it is my wedding day and hopefully I will have children to show these photos to—we don’t need them to think their mami dressed risqué.

While Internet surfing I found one dress that has everything I am looking for. I absolutely love it except I have one issue —it’s short. The dress isn’t vulgar and it’s not body-hugging short, but nonetheless it’s around mid-thigh. Since I want it so bad I find myself making excuses to make the length acceptable, but honestly, how short is too short? Help!