6 Sex Toys That Double As Something Else

We know that you're busy women with ever busier lives, so when exactly are you supposed to get some much-needed personal time? Sometimes what you really need is to multitask–which these handly little devices are sure to guarantee! We've gathered up the best 6 sex toys that actually double as something else, too. Check out these vibrators and you might have a very fun time tonight. 


Duet Lux 16G Vibrator from Crave

Always wanted a love machine and storage device in one? Well, now you've got it! The small but powerful vibrations are vigorous enough to get you offand the USB storage is perfect to "keep your most private content off your computer" if you know what I mean (wink wink). 


Vibrating Pen with Sleeve by Dr. Laura Berman

Designed by the sex educator, this little accessory might just be the perfect toy for busy women on the go. You can use the pen for writing when needed and, ahem, put on the removable Silicone sleeve tickler for when you have more personal needs. 


Mini Max Waterproof Vibrating Makeup Brush

This toy doubles as an actual makeup brush that you can use to powder your cheeks and then, if you want, sneak off into the bathroom for a little personal time with the quiet vibrations that are sure to get you off. 


Pirates Pendant Vibe Bullet

What girl doesn't want a nice piece of jewelry? This one's got a bonus little secret, though: this pretty pirate pendant is also a pretty cool little vibrator. There's nothing like a sparkler that you can wear out one night and then come home to tease yourself or your partner. 


Body Spa Vibrating Sponge

Want a little fun in the shower? I do! This waterproof vibrator that actually hides in a sponge you can use to lather up after your Big O is a great addition to any girl's shower routine. The best part is that the vibrations are strong enough to make the whole sponge shake.


Vibrating Lipstick Garter

This sexy little lace garter is hiding something very cool. Your girls may think that it's just a really convenient way to carry a tube of lipstick when you go dancing (which you can definitely do!) but what you really have is a vibrator that you can use to have fun later.