This Infographic Shows Just How Many People Are Using Sex Toys

This Infographic Shows Just How Many People Are Using Sex Toys

If you and your partner have vowed to spice things up in the bedroom, listen up: Your saving grace just might come in the form of a handheld, battery-operated device.

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New research from Adam & Eve shows just how popular sex toys are in couples' relationships. The sex brand asked more than 1,000 adults about their sex toy usage, and the results gave us some interesting insight on what goes down between the sheets.

Surprisingly, 37% of respondents said they've never used any sort of toy, be it a dildo, vibrator, or something similar. These are the most popular, though, followed by penis rings, anal beads, and lubes. For those in a relationship, however, toys aren't usually the first thing brought into the bedroom. More than 44% will wait until they're dating more than a year before bringing up the topic of sex toys, while only 18% start things off with them in the mix.

Luckily, the company wanted to keep it hygienic, and asked if people clean their toys. Unfortunately, a whopping 28% said they've never cleaned their products. (Yikes!)

See below for more statistics and sex toy findings:

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