Say What?! New Sex Toy Can Help Lesbians Make Babies

Say What?! New Sex Toy Can Help Lesbians Make Babies

There is a new sex toy hitting shelves, and it can actually help you conceive a baby. I’m not pulling your leg, or in this case, an electrical cord. The Semenette can be loaded so you and your lesbian lover can procreate while getting your swerve on.

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Owner, president and creator of The Semenette®, Stephanie Berman, was hoping to conceive a child with her wife. They thought of their options: IVF is too expensive, and a turkey baster is such a sexual turn off. Berman wanted to get her partner pregnant while having “an authentic and natural experience,” so she thought outside the box and created The Semenette®. They now have a baby girl.

How it works is simple: You obtain the sperm whichever way you please (just make sure it’s legal and safe!), load it into the penis-like sex toy and get your freak on. The attached pump “ejaculates” just like a real penis, only neither you nor your partner have to be around an actual penis.

What’s the financial damage for this innovative sex toy with a purpose? Only $140! It comes in three colors — natural, caramel, and chocolate — and includes three replacement tubes for the sperm. You can also purchase a refill kit for $45, and that kit brings an additional five tubes. That gives you plenty of chances to make a baby the new old-fashioned way.

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