5 Positions to Try When You're in a Sex Rut


From time to time, we all need a little help in the sex department. Face it – it's not always going to look like a scene from Fifty Shades of Grey, but the positions ahead aren't too far off. 

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1. Sex Rut Position: Crisscross

The Crisscross 

Also known as the "X," this position requires lots of kink, but not as much effort. To do: Lie on your back facing your partner so that your legs are crossing over one another to form an X.

2. Sex Rut Position: CAT


Here's how to get out of a sex rut: Get down to the science and anatomy of your hookup. The CAT (Coital Alignment Technique) aligns a woman's bits up with a guy's, so that both can get to an orgasmic place faster. To do: Have your man thrust up and down rather than side to side motion.

3. Sex Rut Position: Spooning


Your sex rut solution may very well be intimacy. The spooning position is much more useful than just for Netflix binge-watching. To do: Lying on both of your sides, have your partner enter you from behind.

4. Sex Rut Position: Shower Sex

Shower Sex 

Switching up your normal routine (or location) may be another important tip for getting out of a sex rut. The shower may be a less popular option, but an optimal choice for a new, exciting venture. To do: Keep it simple (and somewhat safe) with a bent over position, just as you would in bed.

5. Sex Rut: Position Oral

Just Oral

The position (that isn't quite a position) that often gets overlooked or rushed through: oral sex. Try spicing things up with oral only – so that the next time you go for the full shabang, it's that much better.