5 Things That Cause Your Sex Drive to Change Day-to-Day


There are days when you're running to the bedroom with bae, eager to try out the new moves and toys you read about, and there are days when you're just not feelin' it. What gives? Here's why your libido can change every day.

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1. Stress

Sex Drive Changes: Sex

Everyone is prone to stress, be it from work, family life, or money. These stressors don't exactly go away when you enter the bedroom, and can cloud your mind when with a partner.

2. Body image issues

We don't always feel 100% about our bodies – and that's okay. But it's also a common reason why a person's sex drive is low, which is why it's so important to be a partner that makes you feel absolutely comfortable. 

3. Relationship issues

It's pretty simple: If you're feeling good about you and your boo, you'll likely be down for sexy stuff. If you're on the outs, you're less likely to feel all lovey-dovey in the bedroom. 

4. Hormonal changes

Sex drive: Hormonal changes

Everyone's hormones are changing every day – which is why some days, your man will wake up with low testosterone levels and be hesistant for sex, and you may be on your period, moody, or otherwise, and not feeling it either.

5. Moon cycle

Sex drive: Moon cycle

Ever heard how the moon changes the tides in the oceans? The same applies to the relationship between the mood and our bodies. That's why a full moon brings on "heightended emotions", and every other moon cycle can affect us,. too.