7 Sex Apps Every Couple Needs

If you and your boo are looking for new ways to spice it up, look no further than your iPhone. The apps ahead will make sexy time way better than you've ever imagined.

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1. Sex Apps For Couples: 69 Lite

69 Positions

Explore the world of different positions, and then some. This erotic app is your one-stop shop for every move you could imagine.

2. Sex Apps For Couples: MedXcom


For the couple thats leaning more towards the safer side, this app will let you exchange STD and health history, as well as keep track of any medications you may need to take.

3. Sex Apps For Couples: Sexroulette

Sex Roulette

If you and your partner happen are feelin' the games, try this roulette app, which lets you spin a wheel to choose what "activity" you'll be taking on next.

4. Sex Apps For Couples: Kahnoodle


This app promises to save your relationship, especially in the bedroom. Here, you can log dates, send "koupons" and get tips for everything happening in between the sheets.

5. Sex Apps For Couples: iKamasutra


Take thousands of years of Kama Sutra, and put it in the palm of your hand. This app will show you every move, in the form of tasteful graphics, too.

6. Sex Apps For Couples: iCondom


Need to find the closest spot to buy condoms? This app, created to help prevent the transmission of HIV and STDs, is your go-to source.

7. Sex Apps For Couples: The Durex Experiment

The Durex Experiment

Condom company Durex developed this app for couples looking to expand their sexual horizons. Take on one of the four-week experiments to discover new ways to amp everything up between you and your partner.